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AC Student Arrested for Carrying Gun on Campus

A student at Amarillo College was arrested for bringing a gun to school.
"On Thursday morning someone on our campus reported what they saw looked to be a firearm on the belt of a student," Joe Wyatt with AC said. "They reported that to the police.
Wyatt says there was no indication that the student intended to harm anyone. According to the Potter County jail roster, 21 year old Cody Lane Black was booked on a third-degree felony charge of unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited place.

Amarillo West Africa Travellers Released After 3 Week Monitoring

Three weeks are up. The people the Public Health Department were watching for Ebola symptoms after travelling to Amarillo from West Africa were cleared earlier this week.
Public Health Director Casie Stoughten says the city decided to monitor these people twice a day, for 21 days to make sure no symptoms were presented.
"We went a little bit above and beyond what the state and the CDC guidelines are," Stoughen said. "We did ask all the travellers to stay in their homes. We had absolute cooperation."
She says they never presented a threat to the public but they kept a close eye for symptoms all the same.
"There's a checklist that is provided by State Health Services and that includes fever and then the signs and symptoms of Ebola," Stoughten said. "Nausea, vomiting, unexplained bleeding, even muscle aches, headaches, those types of things."

Open Carry Texas President Speaks on Controversy

More discussion on the topic of the open carrying of firearms in Texas has led to debates on what form it will take, should any of the bills pass. Open Carry Texas President CJ Grisham spoke with KGNC.
"Obviously we've been fighting very hard to get the government out of that decision making process by taking away the license and making it voluntary," Grisham said. "But, we're definitely going to have open carry next year, we just don't if it's going to be licensed or unlicensed."
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick swung from one side of the issue to another after his interview with the Texas Tribune.
"My problem with what Dan Patrick said wasn't the fact that the votes but the fact that he said it wasn't necessarily a priority," Grisham said. "What really bothered me was, here's a guy who campaigned on open carry and making sure it was going to happen. He simply let it out with a very pessimistic tone."
Patrick even states on his website, danpatrick.org, that he will fight for open carry. However, Patrick would not answer as to whether he would have voted for the bill if it had been presented while he was in the Senate.


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